Tower Defense MOD APK v2.32.4 Download (Unlimited Money)

Tower Defense MOD APK v2.32.4 Download (Unlimited Money)

Cantalooza Games LLC

Overview information

Name Tower Defense: Magic Quest
Updated On
Package com.stereo7games.fantasydefense&gl=US
Publisher Cantalooza Games LLC
Category Games
Size 75MB
Requires Android 4.4 +
Version 2.32.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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It’s time to get your hands on Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK and embark on an epic adventure You’re tasked with fighting back against hordes of monsters that want to attack your village and its citizens, so it’s up to you to stop them at all costs. You’ll have to plan carefully and set up different towers around the kingdom, which you can then use to blast waves of enemies into oblivion as they try to advance on you.

What is Tower Defense: Magic Quest Game?

Tower Defense is an addictive game where you must stop enemies from reaching your tower This game is a free download and includes three levels of difficulty. The game will keep you entertained for hours on end as you prevent the enemy from reaching your castle. The objective of the game is to destroy their troops before they reach your castle by strategically placing towers to intercept them.

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

Along the way, there are many surprises, such as air strikes that cause mayhem among the ranks, acid rain that burns up anything it touches, and more After choosing your level, you are taken to a screen where you can select towers to place on the field in front of your castle. Placing them strategically will save you time and prevent enemies from reaching your castle before you defeat them all!

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Choose between playing as either a Wizard or an Archer. The rules are exactly like single-player mode, except you must defend your castle together. Work together with your teammate by taking turns placing towers on the field so that neither of you will be overwhelmed by waves of enemies With cooperation, it won’t take long until the other team’s HP reaches zero. Remember to switch off roles every few rounds so that both players get a chance at destroying the other team.

Tower Defense: Magic Quest Unlimited Money

The key to success in Tower Defense is to choose your troops wisely. You can earn more gold by going on quests and defeating enemies. But if you want to get the most out of this game, you should focus on a few powerful units and upgrade them with the best weapons and armor available. You can do so by checking the blacksmiths that are dispersed on every side of the map.

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

The game also has a resource called mana, which is necessary to purchase upgrades. Mana can be earned in-game by completing quests, or it can be purchased with real money. It’s one of several ways in which Tower Defense makes it easier for players who want to progress quickly to do so. The best weapons and armor can only be acquired by spending real money on them.

Awesome Features Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

The Tower Defense video game is a strategy game where players have to defend their base from waves of enemies. – Players need to strategically place towers along the path that the enemy will take, in order to eliminate them before they reach the end. Towers will shoot automatically at any enemies that come into range and are not under another tower’s range.

Lots of magical creatures

You can find slimes, dragons, zombies, orcs, and other different monsters that can be upgraded or created by using mana crystals. In order to defeat these monsters, you will have different types of spells such as fireballs or ice storms. Try this awesome tower defense game today!

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

Epic magic battles

Each level has three waves of enemies. If you survive all three waves without letting an enemy through your defenses, you advance to the next level with tougher opponents and greater rewards. There are also special levels with boss fights against giant bosses like giant orc lords or giant goblins who carry special weapons like bombs or poison darts.

Level up your hero

You can do so by upgrading his or her abilities to make them stronger. You have six different stats that you can upgrade, namely Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Vitality, Dexterity, and Spirit. You also have a total of twelve skills for the hero to use during battles such as melee and ranged attacks or buffs like healing or invulnerability. There are four different types of enemies in the game and they each come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

4 upgradable towers

2 offensive towers (fireball and ice storm) and 2 defensive towers (earthquake and healing); 6 main stat points which can be spent on improving strength, intelligence, agility, vitality, dexterity or spirit; 12 skill points which can be spent on improving weapon mastery attack power melee attack power ranged attack power heal rate guard rate buff duration increase mana crystal production.

40 levels

3 waves per level. Boss levels include Giant Orc Lords and Giant Goblins carrying Bombs or Poison Darts. Heroes must fight Bosses either Melee (with Swords), Ranged Attacks, or Buffs such as Healing or Invulnerability. Heroes gain experience after defeating Levels and can Upgrade Hero Stats (Strength, Intelligence, etc.), Skills including Weapon Mastery Attack Power, Melee Attack Power, and Ranged Attack Power.

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

No Wi-Fi Internet Required

You do not need to have a Wi-Fi internet connection on your Android device This is an offline game, which means you can play it without an internet connection. However, in order to save your progress, you will need to sign in using your Google account and sync your game data with Google servers.

Play Against Friends

You can also play multiplayer games. You and your friend get to pick one side and then decide which map to play on. Then you select how many rounds to start out with, or set it to infinity if you want to keep playing until someone wins. Whoever wins the most rounds gets bragging rights over the loser!

Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

Classic tower defense mechanics

You need to strategically place towers in order to protect your base from waves of enemies. But be warned, because you also have to deal with a variety of different enemies which require different strategies. Furthermore, tower placement and the choice of tower matter greatly some enemies are immune to certain towers while others will destroy specific towers within seconds. Finally, there are also mini-bosses that you have to defeat in order to continue advancing levels.

How to Download Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

There are a lot of ways to download the game. One of the most common ways is through the use of an app store such as the LingerDigital website. In order to download the game, you will need an account with either one of these app stores. Once you have one, you will be able to search for Tower Defense and then download it onto your device.

  • Go to the site where you downloaded your APK.
  • Tap on the game that you want to download and then tap on Install
  • Wait for it to install and click Open
  • The game will now open up on your smartphone, tablet, or another device
  • You are now ready to start playing!

FAQs Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK

What is the cost of a Game Download?

There are many different prices available. Be sure to take advantage of the free trial and try it before you buy!

Is Game Download compatible with my PC?

Yes, We strive for compatibility with all major systems.

How do I get a refund if I don’t like it?

No problem, we offer an unconditional, hassle-free money-back guarantee. Just send an email within 14 days of purchase, and we’ll process your request promptly.

Does this game have in-app purchases?

No there are no in-app purchases as well as ads.


If you are looking for a fun and addictive game to help pass the time or simply a game that is easy to play on your phone, the game is a great option. This game has multiple levels of difficulty so it can be played by all ages and skill levels. The game also has the opportunity to purchase extra lives in order to keep playing without having to start over when you die. This game is an addicting way of testing your skills and just plain old having fun.

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