Slap Kings MOD APK v1.7.2 Download (Unlimited Money)

Become the king of Slap Kings MOD APK Create your own tennis club and go head-to-head against other users in this ultra-competitive, fast-paced mobile game. Download and install the game on your phone or tablet now to challenge other players worldwide, using your touch screen to set the ball and smack it right back into your opponent’s court Enjoy challenging games with other mobile players anytime, anywhere it’s the perfect time-waster if you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting for your flight!

What is Slap Kings Game?

You’re a child in the back of a car, and you’re slapping at the people in the car. When you slap them, they get mad and start to fight back. The more people that are fighting with you, the harder it is to hold on and keep slapping them Eventually, somebody will hit your hand too hard and you’ll fly out of the window. Luckily this app has an unlimited supply of cars so there’s no time limit or end goal–you just have to find out how long you can last while trying not to fall off the seat yourself!

Slap Kings MOD APK

As you progress through levels, different events happen. Your car may speed up, or it may slow down. You may get pushed over by a bigger kid, or a really mean bully might hit you But whatever happens, don’t let go The longer you’re able to hold on and slap people before they push you out of your car window the higher your score will be!

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Be careful, though If you’re holding on and suddenly your car starts racing forward, don’t be surprised if you get flung out of your window before you can react. This is a fun game, but it’s tough to play That’s because Slap Kings is a fast-paced game where you have to hang on as long as possible while everyone else tries to knock you out of the window. One moment you’re getting slapped around, then all of a sudden your car might shoot forward into traffic, knocking you straight off the seat!

Slap Kings MOD APK Unlimited Money

Slap Kings is a simple but fun game that is perfect for playing at home, in the office, or anywhere else you would like to have some entertainment. This game is free to play and gives you plenty of options for customizing your character as well as all of your weapons. You will be able to customize many different aspects of your character including hair, clothing, accessories, and body parts.

Slap Kings MOD APK

The first thing that you need to do when joining a server is to choose which class of player you would like to be. There are three classes soldier, marksman, and assassin. You also have the option of choosing how much money (in-game currency) you want to start off with; players who want an easy game might choose $500 while others who want more challenges may choose $10,000. Once this has been chosen then it’s time to find a map and begin playing!

Awesome Features Slap Kings MOD APK

Play with your friends or the computer in this competitive, arcade-style game. You can choose to be a king or a guard. The goal of the game is to slap your opponent’s face until they fall down and are eliminated from the game. The last person standing is crowned the winner In addition to multiplayer mode, you can also enjoy single-player mode against 3 AI opponents. There are many different costumes and animations that you can unlock as you progress through the game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Fun Characters

Choose to be a king or a guard in this fun and addictive arcade game that offers a fun, family-friendly experience that can be enjoyed by all. It’s a game that encourages healthy competition and will have you coming back for more. The best part about the game is that it can be downloaded for free. You don’t need to worry about spending any money on this one It’s perfect for those looking for an easy-to-pick-up and-play game!

Slap Kings MOD APK

Different Costumes

Unlock more cool costumes by winning matches against other players online. The Nurse Costume is perfect for nursing students who want to go all out and make a statement this Halloween The Ninja Costume will let you strike fear into your enemies and rival ninjas with your special skills The Clown Costume is perfect for making people laugh and having a great time at the circus this Halloween!

Enjoyable Single Player Mode

Choose between three AI players when playing alone – their difficulty increases as you advance. After progressing through the game, a player may feel like he or she is ready for some real competition. The good news is that the multiplayer mode has just what players are looking for. Multiplayer mode also comes with chat options that enable players to have conversations with one another before playing against each other. It can be a great way to learn some new tactics and share strategies with others who have more experience than you do.

Slap Kings MOD APK

Hours of Entertainment

If you are looking for something to do with your kids and don’t want to deal with any violence, this is the game for you. Kids will love it because there is no violence, but adults may not be as excited about it because there are no other skills needed. The only action in the game is a finger swipe that has to slap an opponent across the screen. The sound effects make it seem like someone got slapped in real life However when it comes down to gameplay, some players might get bored quickly because there isn’t much else to keep their interest.

Simple but addicting mechanics

The best thing about the game is that it’s very easy to get into but hard to master. It takes very little time to learn how to play, but you can spend hours perfecting your strategy and developing new techniques that can win you consecutive rounds against different opponents. The variation in AIs and characters, as well as multiple modes of play, gives players a lot of variety and helps keep things interesting even after you’ve played for a while.

Power boosts

You can use power-ups to get ahead in the game, but you can also buy them with real money. You’ll also be able to watch ads for free credits and new items. The game is fun and addictive, but it does have some challenges that may make it frustrating for those who are sensitive to violence. It’s a free download so if you’re looking for something different from the usual apps out there, might be just what you’re looking for!

Slap Kings MOD APK

Chill and have fun

The game for android is a game about slapping people, who get out of the way. In order to succeed, you need to slap their face, without hitting their hand or head. It’s very simple in theory, but not so easy to achieve in practice. The game can be played by one player against a computer opponent or by two players on one phone. The main goal is to slap as many opponents as possible in a minute while avoiding getting slapped yourself.

How to Download Slap Kings MOD APK

The game is not as complicated as it seems, you just need to get the hang of it. It is also free so you can download the game without spending anything. You will be able to compete with your friends and see who can slap the most people in one game. You are still wondering how to download It’s really easy First off you will have to search for the APK icon which looks like a box.

  • To download the game, start by visiting their website and downloading the app file to your computer.
  • Once you have the app on your desktop, open it with a file browser.
  • and you’ll be taken to a screen that asks if you want to install the application.
  • Select yes to proceed with the installation.
  • Next, when prompted for an APK path, enter /sdcard/slap-kings.apk.
  • Finally, touch install.

FAQs Slap Kings MOD APK

How can I be sure the game will work for me?

You can be assured that Slap Kings is compatible with most operating systems.

Can I play this game without WiFi?

Yes, you can play this game on your phone or tablet without an internet connection.

How much data does the app use?

You’ll only need 3MB of data per hour while playing this game.

Are there in-app purchases available in Slap Kings?

There are no in-app purchases available at this time.


Slap King is a game where you have to tap on the screen as hard as possible to make your opponent fall and lose. The first player that falls three times loses the round. During a round, players can also use power-ups, which are activated by swiping up on the screen, to inflict damage on their opponents.
The game is free and easy to play.