Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK v1.49.2 Download (Unlimited Money)

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Download, the latest horse racing game from developer Seriously is now available on Android and iOS devices worldwide via our site respectively. Fans of horse racing will be thrilled to know that they can now download the game Download and get acquainted with the game’s intuitive controls, variety of game modes, and stunning visuals. Read on to find out more about this exciting new release!

What is Rival Stars Horse Racing Game?

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game for anyone who ever dreamed of training their own champion. You’ll get to groom and feed your own stable of horses, find and train the jockeys, manage your race schedule and develop the perfect racing strategy. With more than 50 different racetracks from around the world, there are over 180 races in total to run your horses in so you’ll never become bored.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

The game’s visual design is eye-catching and innovative, without being flashy. It has a great look and will appeal to all with smooth progress enjoyment in horse racing. The overall style of gameplay is user-friendly but realistic enough to make you feel like you’re running your own stable in real life. This fun combination makes it an ideal choice for casual players who love horses as well as experienced horse gamers who are looking for something fresh and new!

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While you’re busy running your stable and training horses, make sure to keep an eye out for special offers from sponsors. They’ll help you develop your horses even faster so that you can win more prize money and move up through the ranks. This will also give you access to cooler prizes as well as better equipment which will come in handy during your races.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK Unlimited Money

Android players have been eagerly waiting for a new horse racing game to come out and compete with the likes of Real Racing 3, and now they finally have it in the form of the game. I’m just one person, but my initial reaction after playing this game is that this could be a contender for the best horse racing sim around. The graphics are excellent and rival the game I’ve played in real life, everything from crops to mud splatters will pop into view depending on your surroundings.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

The controls are all very easy to use, with a minimalistic approach. The controls are split into just two buttons, and you won’t find yourself struggling with any of them. The top left button is used for accelerating your horse and making him run faster. To go slow, you can tap it again while in motion to make him trot or slow down even more by tapping it once more when you’re almost at a standstill.

Awesome Features Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

Rival Stars is a fun horse racing game that incorporates both luck and skill. The game involves players drawing cards to build a racing team of horses and jockeys. The rules are simple: earn enough points before your opponent by picking the right combinations of the 11-speed cards, or hold the longest card in horse racing history One of the exciting features of this game is its vast card pool of over 400 horses spanning 8 different breeds from around the world.

Customize your face

Create a look that’s all your own in Rival Stars After picking your name, you can be a male or female jockey and customize almost every part of your character from hair to skin tone to features. The game offers hundreds of combinations so you can truly create something unique. Once you’ve created a face for yourself, you can save it for future races.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK


Your two main resources are Power (how long each race lasts) and Energy (which limits how many times you can race per day). You win Power with each race you run and Energy by waiting. There’s also an option to buy with cash which speeds up the process considerably if you don’t want to wait for hours at a time to play again.


You can breed new horses when you have a stallion and a mare of the same breed in your stable. You must feed them each turn but once they are bred, they produce foals on their own Of course, breeding these new foals costs money as well so it’s best to do some research first before trying anything risky.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK


This part of your stable is a no-brainer You train to raise your horses’ stats such as their speed or stamina. The more you train, or evolve, them, though, the more expensive it becomes. You start with only two slots to house up to two horses and can unlock up to five as you level up. While each slot has a 10-day limit for training, you can continue playing even after you run out of room but at lower potential stats so be careful!


Upgrading is really important to success in the game, but so is using your coins wisely. If you need more coins, try some of the coin packs in the store. We recommend starting with a smaller pack (250,000 coins) to get a feel for what they offer before investing more money.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

Unlimited Money

That said, you can also cheat and get unlimited coins. We highly recommend a new horse racing game called Rival Stars. This game is available for both iOS and Android devices and it’s really easy to hack with some of our android hacks tools.

How to Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

The game is available now on our site and can be downloaded for free. But if you’re not willing to wait, there’s a way to get your hands on it before launch. Simply head over to our website and follow these steps:

  • Rival Stars Horse Racing has finally been released.
  • It is available to download on our site and you can use it to play the game.
  • By simply clicking the green button below, you can start to download it now and enter the world of horse racing with a brand new experience. Download it now!

FAQs Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

When does the game come out?

It’s available for download now You can get it at our site.

What features will be in the game?

We’ll have more details as we get closer to release, but you can expect some really cool things that haven’t been seen before in a horse racing game.

I’m having trouble downloading the game from your site. Help!

If you’re running into any difficulties with this, please contact us and we’ll try to help you out ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience!

How do I play the game?

The game starts by choosing which of your horses you want to race against an opponent. After deciding which horse to ride, it’s time to place bets on how long the race will last and if you think your horse is going to win or not.


The game is the newest horse racing simulation game. Players control a jockey riding one of their horses around the track and need to make decisions on when to race and hold back or to use tactics like bumping other horses and blocking other jockeys. The virtual currency in this game can be used to purchase better quality equipment, hire coaches, get instant access to new trainers, and more.