Muslim Pro MOD APK v14.11.2 Download (Premium Unlocked)

Muslim Pro MOD APK offers the user Islamic greeting cards, wallpapers, and inspirational text (Hadith), along with useful Muslim reminders such as daily prayer times and an Azan clock. All of these features can be set up to send notifications so you never forget an important event or task again A list of the 99 beautiful names of Allah is also available on this app so that you can benefit from them in your everyday life This app will turn your phone into an Islamic tool, allowing you to take it wherever you go, wherever you may be at the time Learning about Islam has never been easier!

What is Muslim Pro: Quran Qibla Athan App?

Muslim Pro is an app that tells you the management of Mecca ground in your place. It also shows the prayer times and the Qibla direction in a list or on a map. The app has an Athan (call to prayer) alarm so you can wake up for Fajr and be reminded of other prayers throughout the day. You can also find useful Islamic content like Quotes and Dua (supplication).

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Muslim Pro MOD APK

Great for beginners, travelers, and anyone strange to absorb more about Islam. The app provides Islamic content with a simple design that is easy to use. If you’re interested in Islam but don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been practicing for years and want an easy way to stay on top of your prayers, try the app.

A valuable tool to have when traveling and learning about Islam, but it’s not just a reference. By giving you your prayer times, Qibla direction, and Athan alarm all in one place, it helps you form positive habits that can last a lifetime. As you gain familiarity with Islam by using the app regularly, you will more easily form these beneficial routines.

Muslim Pro MOD APK Premium Unlocked

You might be someone looking for an app that helps you make the fasts of Ramadan easier. You might be a Muslim looking for an app that is more in line with your faith. Either way, there are quite a few apps out there to try out. One of the newest is Premium Unlocked. This app gives you access to prayers, Quran translations, and more in six different languages English, Arabic, Urdu, Persian (Farsi), Turkish and Swahili.

Muslim Pro MOD APK

This free app, supported by ads and available on Android devices, has a simple and attractive interface. After doing so, you’re presented with an interactive compass that points north towards Mecca. Clicking on it brings up a set of menus at the bottom of your screen that lets you select everything from prayers to Islamic guides.

Awesome Features Muslim Pro MOD APK

The app is a one-stop shop for those interested in fasting and prayer, with everything from the timings of Fajr, to the direction of Qibla, to how much Zakat needs to be paid. The app also has a section dedicated solely to Ramadan, where users can find information on Taraweeh prayers, Iftar timings, and even where they can buy discounted food items.

Accurate prayer times based

An app is a free download for the android market, which allows users to calculate prayer times based on their location and height above sea level. Although it is free, there are some in-app purchases available that provide more features. All of the calculations are done automatically and it is a fast and accurate way to find out prayer times. Users can also add prayer reminders on their calendars, which will notify them when to start praying.

Muslim Pro MOD APK

Animated Qibla compass

Compass is free and can be downloaded to your android phone. The app works as a digital compass, showing you the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It includes other features such as a Qibla finder and prayer times for your country. With many Islamic apps available on the Android Play Store, it can be hard to choose one. Here are some features.

99 names of Allah

Allah is the Arabic word for God, which Muslims use to describe one of the three primary monotheistic religions. It’s also known as Islamic or Abrahamic. Allah is a universal creator and sustainer. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, and his will prevails over every other thing in existence. There are 99 names of Allah that are used to describe different aspects of his identity and character.

Muslim Pro MOD APK

Quran fully translated

The Quran is the holy book of Islam. It is a record of the revelations given to Prophet Muhammad by God through the Angel Gabriel. It was revealed in pieces over a period of twenty-three years and compiled after Prophet Muhammad’s death in 632. The Quran is believed by Muslims to be the final revelation from God and an Arabic text that has remained unchanged since its revelation fourteen centuries ago.


We are a community of Muslims striving to be the best in our careers and personal lives while fulfilling our obligations as citizens. In this day and age, it is tough to keep up with all of the obligations we have, especially when they don’t always overlap. That’s why we created an app dedicated to helping Muslims manage their time and stay on top of their religious obligations. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users, so you can download it today!

Muslim Pro MOD APK

Halal Restaurants

Halal food is what Muslims eat and drink. Halal foods are those that are allowed by Islamic law and the Quran. Islam prohibits the consumption of pork, alcohol, blood, carrion (meat from an animal not slaughtered according to Islamic rites), and any other meat that has not been slaughtered in the name of God. The forbidden animals include pigs, rodents such as mice, lizards, and snakes. Food can be considered halal only if it doesn’t contain haram ingredients like bacon or shrimp.

How to Download Muslim Pro MOD APK

To download the app, you first need to install the LingerDigital website. Then, open our site on your phone and search for Muslim pro. The app icon should come up with a green background. Tap the green icon and then tap Install to download it onto your device. You will be prompted to accept permissions that are needed for the application to run properly. Tap Accept and the installation will complete in a few minutes or less depending on your connection speed.

  • Save the MuslimPro-master.apk file to your device.
  • On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources (you may need to tap OK a couple of times).
  • Go to where you saved MuslimPro-master.apk and install it.
  • You are now ready to use the app!
  • Open up the app and start practicing your prayers with other Muslims around the world!

FAQs Muslim Pro MOD APK

What does the word Muslim mean?

Muslim means one who submits to the will of God.

What are some important Islamic beliefs?

Some important Islamic beliefs include that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet, that all people are born free and equal in dignity, and that Islam is a complete way of life.

How many Muslims are there in the world?

The majority of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims live in Asia (60%) or Africa (20%). About 3% live in Europe and 2% in North America.

What do Muslims believe about Jesus Christ?

Muslims believe in Jesus as one of God’s messengers and prophets, but they do not consider him to be the son of God. Muslims also do not accept the Christian belief that he was crucified or resurrected.


The app offers a wide variety of features and content to help Muslims keep up with their daily prayers, all while providing them with an easy-to-use interface that makes it quick and simple to access. The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices, so there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of this incredible app!