Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.34 Download (Unlimited Money)

Johnny Trigger MOD APK is an Action and Adventure game that you can play on android devices as well as on a windows pc/laptop. The game free download full version 100% tested and working. This android game free download is the best action and adventure mobile game of all time. It has got really exciting gameplay that you have never seen before in any other action and adventure mobile games out there..!

What is Johnny Trigger Game?

The Game is a free download for android devices and is an addictive platformer. The impartial of the game is to finish each stage by jumping over obstacles and avoiding enemies. The longer you rearmost the harder it becomes as new foes and hazards are introduced. You can unlock other playable characters as you progress through the stages.

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Johnny Trigger MOD APK

For a casual gamer is excellent value for money. It’s free to download and comes with more than 20 levels across four different worlds, as well as three playable characters. There’s also plenty of replayability in its bonus modes that give players the chance to race against their friends on Facebook. With its easy controls and fun gameplay.

Similar Game Download

The game has managed to keep players entertained since its launch in 2014 – it’s now one of Android’s most popular games they help players unlock new characters, which can take time if you have to wait for coins to regenerate or make a real-life purchase. Otherwise, you could pay a little payment and unlock the character instantly. The game is available to download for free from the LingerDigital website here.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK Unlimited Money

You can get Unlimited money in the Game. All you need to do is use the cheat engine and input 1000000 for the amount of money. You don’t have to brood about acquiring caught utilizing this cheat because it’s not detectable by the game. It also has a very small footprint so you won’t even notice any difference when playing with it enabled. Another great thing is that there are no surveys or offers required to download this hack which means it’s completely free!

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

The hacks on our website are safe, trustworthy, and updated frequently to avoid detection by developers. As always, we at Our Cheat World are striving to bring you fresh and unique cheats to have fun with. If there is a cheat you would like us to publish, feel free to leave a comment below with your request.

Awesome Features Johnny Trigger MOD APK

The player has to be patient and make sure they stay in the shadows, as any light will lead to their capture. Once they escape, they can go back to the safe house and prepare for the next heist. There is a risk-reward system where players have to balance what they want to steal against how difficult it is. To increase the difficulty, players should use more tools or spend more time trying to get into a building. To decrease it, you should use fewer tools or spend less time trying to get into a building.

Cause serious havoc

It’s not just about breaking into buildings. You’ll also need to cause some major mayhem on your way out of town! Make sure you throw some grenades around, cut off some security cameras with your trusty knife, take out any pesky guards blocking your path with a couple of well-placed shotgun blasts, and set fire to anything that looks important before making your escape!

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

4 Ultimate guns

Starting at Level 5, Johnny unlocks his ultimate arsenal. These four weapons are each better than the last, but they’re expensive so only bring them out when you’re confident enough to pull off a big score The silenced pistol deals more damage but isn’t nearly as accurate the sawn-off shotgun does much higher damage up close, but has less range the tactical rifle deals good damage from afar, but lacks accuracy at close range; and finally, the AK-47 is a reliable all-rounder that does decent damage from both close-up and far away.

57 unique weapons to collect

Spend your hard-earned cash on new weapons to carry into battle. Every gun has different stats which will help determine if you have an advantage over another character carrying the same weapon – though it’s worth remembering that ammo is scarce in this world, so keep an eye on how many rounds you’ve got left!

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Trick shots, ricochets, explosions

There’s no limit to the amount of carnage you can cause once those alarms start blaring and those cops come running. Take them down, watch for stragglers, then find your getaway vehicle before you hit the road. And then find somewhere else to do it all again because now you’ve gone from zero…to hero?

Unlimited Money

With our latest modded apk for android devices, you can acquire unlimited amounts of money without spending real-life currency. Jump through hoops, buy upgrades, grab as much loot as you possibly can, and become the greatest thief in history with our newest updates.

Johnny Trigger MOD APK

High-Quality Graphics

If you think the visuals in the original version of the game were bad, wait until you see it in HD Everything is crisper, smoother, and more detailed. In addition to improved graphics, we’ve also tweaked controls and collision detection.

How to Download Johnny Trigger MOD APK

The fun in this video game is the variety of missions you can take. There are different objectives you can accomplish which range from destroying an object to assassinating a specific person. Different weapons are available for you to use, such as assault rifles, machine guns, and rocket launchers. You’ll be given instructions on how to perform these tasks but there’s always the option of consulting your arsenal if you’re stuck. One of my favorite features is the ability to customize your weaponry by adding scopes or silencers that will make it easier for you during stealth missions.

  • Go to the our site on your android device.
  • Search for Johnny Trigger and click on the app icon.
  • The app will start downloading and installing to your device as a mod version of the original, non-modded game.
  • Once installation is complete, you can find the newly installed Johnny Trigger in the all apps or games tab on your phone’s menu screen.
  • Open up the app and start playing!

FAQs Johnny Trigger MOD APK

Why is the game called Johnny Trigger?

Johnny is a funny, teddy bear-like character with a giant trigger finger. He always gets things done by shooting them, which often gets him into trouble.

What type of shooter is Johnny Trigger?

Unlike most games in the genre, there’s no running or jumping. The player can move and rotate around to aim and shoot from different angles.

How many levels are in the game?

There are 80 missions that get progressively harder. There are also 10 bonus missions for hardcore players.

Is there any additional cost after downloading the game?

No, the full game can be played without having to purchase anything else.


This was just one of the many great games we offer to download for your android device. If you want to get more information about any of the other amazing games that we offer, please visit our website and download them today. You won’t regret it One great feature of Johnny Trigger is the Extra Lives option. Extra Lives give you a chance to continue on in the game even when Johnny’s energy bar is depleted after taking too much damage from enemies. And, if all else fails, there is also a save point where players can quit and restart the level.