Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK v1.09.1 Download (Unlimited Money)

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK v1.09.1 Download (Unlimited Money)

Kolibri Games

Overview information

Name Idle Farm Tycoon
Updated On
Package com.fancyelephant.idlemergetycoon
Publisher Kolibri Games
Category Games
Size 58MB
Requires Android 4.4 +
Version 1.09.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK game download is a game that enables you to run your very own farm without lifting a finger. This means you’ll be able to plan what type of farm you want to have, raise livestock, and sell products without leaving the comfort of your home. This title takes everything great about farming and applies it to a video game so that players can create their own experience while they level up and unlock more features.

What is Idle Farm Tycoon Game?

The game is a simulation that simulates the running of a farm. The objective of the game is to maintain and make profitable your farm by purchasing seeds, cows, trees, and water pumps with your in-game currency. You can earn more in-game currency by selling what you grow on your farm or you can gain it for free through spending real money.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK/

The biggest in-game purchases you can make are seeds. The seeds you purchase are unique to your farm, so if you buy a Sunflower seed for $4.99, there won’t be any other player that has that seed on their farm as well. A more efficient way of growing crops is to use fertilizer and watering cans purchased with in-game currency or real money to do it for you. And don’t forget about having enough cows to produce milk and collecting eggs from chickens!

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Note that if you don’t want to spend any money on in-game purchases, you can still unlock most of these by simply grinding. Once you level up, you are awarded a small amount of in-game currency daily, as well as a random seed every now and then. And there is always watching ads for free seeds too You can also increase your profits further by planting certain crops or trees next to each other so that they grow faster when adjacent.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money

One of the biggest reasons why the game has grown so popular is due to its addictive, yet easy-to-understand gameplay. Since the goal of the game is not to actually do anything but rather to simply sit back and watch your farm work for you, it’s perfect for players that have little or no time on their hands. You also don’t need to worry about there being any complicated control schemes either as all you need to do is set your phone down while letting the gameplay unfold itself.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

The game, however, does more than just allow you to passively watch your farm grow; it lets you upgrade your existing farms, purchase better equipment and buildings, expand your land holdings and raise different types of animals. There are also a number of other features as well such as buying or selling your resources or making use of in-game sales. And while you do all that, there’s also an idle mode in which your virtual farm can generate income even if you’re not actively playing.

Awesome Features Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

The best aspect of this game is that it has a role-playing mode that enables the player to either choose between one of the NPCs or create their own character. They are then given an empty plot of land to start and they have many different options available to them depending on what they want to do. For example, players can purchase animals, plow fields, plant crops, water crops, and harvest crops all in order to make money. There are also numerous quests that players can complete in order to get more money as well as unlock new items for purchase.

Unlimited Money

As with most other idle games, there is no limit to how much money you can earn while playing the game. However, if you feel like things are going too slow then there is always the option to use real cash to speed up production times.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

High-Quality Graphics

One thing that really makes this game stand out from others is the high-quality graphics. All of the buildings, vehicles, and characters look extremely realistic. Not only that but there are tons of details such as trees swaying in the wind and cows roaming around freely on your farm. No two farms will ever be alike because each map will be procedurally generated so each player will have their own unique experience when playing the game.

Merge your farmers

If you’ve been having trouble managing your time and resources between multiple farms, don’t worry We heard about your plight and now there’s a solution: merge your farms into one larger farm You can merge any number of separate plots together; just tap merge next to any plot on the list to combine it with another plot. Plots must be adjacent to each other in order to merge together.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

Online or offline

You can easily switch between these modes by tapping on the Online/Offline button at the top left corner of the screen. When in Offline Mode, progress is saved locally and not synced across devices meaning you won’t lose anything if you close down your app or delete it altogether. Players who prefer to focus on gameplay rather than story progression should stick to Offline Mode, but those who would rather advance through quests without interruption should go with Online Mode.

Collect Corn

You may notice that corn grows every day, but you’ll need to collect it before nightfall or else it’ll rot. Luckily collecting corn is easy Just drive over the field and pick up whatever corn pops up One way to make sure you never miss a stalk of corn is to invest in an automated harvesting system. With the harvester, your workers will automatically harvest whatever crops are ready and store them for you. It’s worth the cost, especially since it helps keep workers happy and healthy, but only if you’re able to afford it.

Produce fresh goods

Producing fresh goods is very important in the world. Without them, your customers will be forced to resort to eating stale produce, and that’s not good for anyone Make sure you have a steady supply of fruits and vegetables, or your customers will leave and you won’t be making money. Once you’ve collected some corn, you can head on over to the mill where it will be turned into flour.

Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

Special tycoon booster

You will be able to buy a special tycoon booster that will give you a chance to double your money for 12 hours. This is a great opportunity to make even more money and level up faster the game is not just any other farm game, it’s the best one. You can try it right now and see for yourself.

How to Download Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

The game download is a simulation game. The player has to grow crops, and animals and manage the farm. The purpose of the game is to earn money and make more successful farms. So if you want to play this game then go ahead and download it now.

  • Downloading the app is as easy as downloading any other.
  • Once you download it, you’ll need to install it before running the game.
  • The installation process is a standard one for most Android games and takes about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Note that if you want to be able to save your progress across multiple devices, then all devices should have the same game version installed.

FAQs Idle Farm Tycoon MOD APK

How much does the game cost?

The download is free, but you can buy an unlock key for $1.99 to unlock all of the levels.

Can I play the game offline?

Yes, You can also play this game offline by downloading it from our website or Google Play Store and clicking on Offline Mode on the title screen.

Is there a mobile version available?

Yes, We have an Android app that you can find in the Google Play Store with Offline Mode activated so that you can play offline as well.

Why do I need to purchase an Unlock Key if the game is free?

Your purchase will help us keep developing new updates for the game because without your support we would not be able to continue doing what we love All of your donations are greatly appreciated.


Idle Farming Games is a game where players assume the role of an aspiring farmer, who wakes up to find that his farm is now almost completely empty. The player’s first goal is to buy fields and plant crops so as to avoid starvation. As the player progresses through the game, he or she has to purchase new types of equipment for harvesting and processing the food. That way, once harvested, the food can be prepared for eating.

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