Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK v4.3.2 Download (Unlimited Money)

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK v4.3.2 Download (Unlimited Money)

Superplus Games

Overview information

Name Hills of Steel 2
Updated On
Package com.superplusgames.hos2
Publisher Superplus Games
Category Action
Size 147MB
Requires Android 4.4 +
Version 4.3.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Download the Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK game and start playing right now The best features of this game are its high-quality graphics, realistic gameplay, engaging storyline, and more So get ready to download this free full version game right now and enjoy it There are three modes in which you can play this video game campaign, solo and multiplayer. A multiplayer mode authorizes you to start the game online with another participant from every side of the world Start playing the game right now and become one of the most engaged players all over the world!

What is Hills of Steel 2 Game?

An awesome vertical-scrolling racing game. Run through levels dodging robots and collecting power-ups while stressful to acquire as far as you can freely obtain due to death. Jump over ledges or get crushed by them, jump over lasers and don’t get shot or you’ll start losing lives fast, be careful with those power-ups because they’re a double-edged sword.

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

Features stunning 3D graphics, fast-paced action, and a lot of gameplay variety. Features include 30 unique racing levels, bosses, weapons and power-ups, and multiple gameplay modes including a Survival mode where you must fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies while running through several race tracks. It’s an adrenaline rush Download the game now for free!

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The game offers multiplayer support. Challenge your Facebook friends and see who can get further in our new race mode or go head to head in a one-on-one match using our in-game chat feature. You can also send a personal challenge to another player. Compete with up to 3 other players It’s fun, addictive, challenging, and free Grab it now while it’s still free!

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money

To get unlimited money in the game you need to make sure that you’re logged in to Facebook. Once logged in, go back to your game and tap on More in the top right corner. Then tap on Free Gifts and select the Boosters option. Enter the code given here in the time box and use boosters for coins. You can use boosters for coins as many times as you want throughout the entire gameplay.

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

As you progress through the game, sometimes you might feel that it’s hard to earn money. Boosters are available only for coins and come in 6-8 different packages. You need to be careful while selecting boosters because larger packages cost more. At first, stick with a small package (only $0.99), so that you can get rid of ads on the game screen. Once ads are removed, it will become much easier for you to earn money by selling steel parts in the shop.

Awesome Features Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

The game is a classic 3D shooting game. It includes classic arcade shooting mode and exciting story modes You will fight against monsters with your heavy weapons and try to break through all levels one by one. It’s sure that you will have great fun during gameplay Cool Graphics The scenes are designed carefully and they look really fantastic; eye-catching special effects also make your gaming time full of excitement!


You can compete with other players online and win a lot of rewards. Cool Weapons There are many kinds of weapons for you to choose from, such as rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and even lasers You will have great fun using them to kill monsters during gameplay Awesome Levels There are a total of 10 levels in the game. It will take you a long time to finish all levels one by one.

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK


You can customize your character with a variety of equipment, such as helmets, chest plates, and leg guards. Each piece of equipment has its own function. You can collect more money after you kill monsters, which will be helpful for you to purchase more powerful weapons and equipment Awesome Graphics is designed carefully and it looks really fantastic eye-catching special effects also make your gaming time full of excitement Eye-Pleasing Sound Effects The sound effects are very well made.


You will receive free rewards from time to time. They can help you a lot when you are playing or at level grinding. Awesome Community You can interact with other players from around all over the world and compare your achievements You can also share tips on how to deal with certain level bosses or tricky missions with each other And above all, you are able to compete with each other and find out who is stronger during online events.

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK


To get some special tanks with unusual effects, unlock your favorites as you play. In addition to earning credits for killing enemies or saving allies, completing missions, and destroying enemy ground units, you can also collect rare parts from different levels and trade them in at mission control to receive new vehicles or parts. You can put those rare parts on your favorite vehicle to give it an advantage over others in other words, it’s totally up to you!


Getting friends to play games with you not only improves your gaming experience but also makes you more likely to continue playing in general. The question is: how do you get your buddy on board. Be friendly and invite them directly. Make sure they have time so you don’t have to reschedule and if they say no, ask them why so you can work on improving their interest in playing.

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK


A great way to kill time and keep you on your toes is to talk with other people playing in the game. You can challenge them, ask for help, or if they would like to have fun, or just chat about topics that are related or unrelated to the game. Whatever it is we’ve got you covered. Just press the TAB key while playing and start a conversation!

How to Download Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

In order to download the mod APK, you will need a modded/sideloaded version of Android Emulator and you should be able to run it. APK files. On your Android emulator, go to Tools > Settings > Enable Unknown Sources. This will allow you to install .apk files from outside the LingerDigital website. Now simply follow these steps: After your download finishes, double-click on your file Download and select Install when prompted.

  • Go to our site and click on download in order to start downloading Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK free.
  • After clicking on download, you will be redirected to a page that contains several options.
  • Clicking on any option will direct you to another page where you can choose any other game or app available on our site.
  • You have chosen your desired app now, so click on the install option. It will take a few minutes for the installation process completes.

FAQs Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

Is it safe to download and play the game?

Yes. You don’t have to worry about your computer or personal information being compromised by downloading the game because all our files are scanned with anti-virus software before they’re made available for download.

Will Hills of Steel 2 work on my computer?

Yes. If your computer meets or exceeds the game’s minimum requirements, you should be able to play it without any problems.

How do I download the game?

Click on Download in your shopping cart. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the game.

How do I install Hills of Steel 2?

First, download the game by clicking on Download in your shopping cart.


And that’s pretty much all you need to know. The is a good game and it’s my personal favorite game on steam. The point-and-click genre is one I hold dear in my heart and I still will play it any day when I’m bored. So if you have time, download the game and give it a try. You won’t regret it Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below The beauty of life lies not in every new sight we see but in every unseen, unthought-of sight we don’t see.

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