Catapult King MOD APK v2.0.57.88 Download (Unlimited Money)

Catapult King MOD APK Download for android has taken over the gaming market by storm, and with its endless number of features, you will be able to pass many hours of fun playing this game Download is an arcade game that allows you to use different kinds of catapults to throw projectiles at your opponents. The aim of the game is to gather more pieces than your rival. There are several types of ammunition that are available in the game, such as fruits, baseballs, and many others. Each one of them has its own way of using it, so pay attention while playing!

What is Catapult King Game?

You’ll need to carefully aim your shots and choose the right type of ammunition to take down each structure. With over 100 levels to play, provides hours of fun. The addictive gameplay will keep you hooked as you try to make it through all of the levels. If the single-player manner isn’t sufficient for you, then head on over to the multiplayer mode where up to 4 players can go head-to-top in one match!

Catapult King MOD APK

The goal of each level is to eliminate all of your opponents by destroying their castles. In order to take down a castle, you must make sure that your shots hit their mark. If you don’t aim watchful you’ll finish up just wasting ammunition. The best strategy is to destroy any nearby towers first, then focus on taking out defensive walls and traps before you try anything else. Some castles will have wooden walls which can be destroyed with normal shots, while others have stone walls that require shots from exploding catapults.

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There are 3 different types of ammunition you can use in each level Normal Shots, Exploding Catapults, and Shields. In order to get through levels successfully, you’ll want to test with all threesome of these items. Normal shots do no damage to a castle unless they hit their mark. If you try and take down a wooden wall with normal shots, you’ll end up wasting precious ammo without making any progress.

Catapult King MOD APK Unlimited Money

One of the most frustrating things about many mobile games is that they require in-app purchases in order to progress. This can be especially true of games that are otherwise well-designed and fun to play. The game is a great example of a game that is not only free to download, but also offers an unlimited money mod. This means that you can progress through the game without having to worry about spending real money on in-game purchases.

Catapult King MOD APK

While you don’t need to spend money on in-game purchases, you will have to be able to maneuver your character through a number of different levels without getting stuck. It can take time to get used to things like the catapult and moving it around, but there are also special power-ups available. These can help you move forward or give you extra points when completed successfully.

Awesome Features Catapult King MOD APK

This game is very interesting because it not only lets you play as a king but also allows you to attack other kingdoms. You can use your catapult to destroy enemy castles and walls and then plunder their resources. The graphics are quite good and the gameplay is very fluid. There are also many different levels to keep you entertained for hours on end. Overall, this is a great game to download for Android devices.

Quality Graphics

As mentioned before, the graphics in this game are top-notch. When you’re attacking an enemy castle or wall, they’ll start crumbling realistically. It’s a really cool effect that I haven’t seen in any other games of this type before. Really Enjoyable Gameplay: With all of these amazing features combined into one, it’s no wonder that game has such good reviews online!

Catapult King MOD APK

Once upon a time

During medieval times when kings ruled the world, there was a boy named Henry who loved playing with his catapults from early childhood. He had never forgotten the first catapult he got from his grandfather, which had given him so much joy in playing with it every day. One day Henry started thinking about how much fun he had playing with his catapult and how powerful it felt to make objects fly away just by launching them out of the wooden sticks with elastic bands.

Then it came to him

what if he could make a new catapult with stronger sticks and stronger elastic bands so that he could send even heavier objects flying? He got on working straight away. But things didn’t go as smoothly as Henry hoped they would. Soon enough, all that was left of his work were just some broken wooden sticks and wasted elastic bands.

Catapult King MOD APK

Power-up your pult

To complete his catapult project, Henry knew he needed something more than just bigger and better elastic bands. He decided to design a power-up system that let him customize the strength of his shot. That way, whenever he needed more power in order to throw something bigger and heavier, he could quickly activate the appropriate power-up using the touch screen buttons found on either side of the screen.

Unlimited Money

After designing his power-ups, Henry made another modification to his catapult project by adding an unlimited money feature. With this change, players will be able to purchase anything they want without having to worry about the consequences of running out of money at any point during the game.

Catapult King MOD APK

Become the catapult

Henry eventually succeeded in building his improved catapult, which turned out to be a beautiful instrument for revenge. All those kids who teased him over the years were finally going to feel his wrath. Now he could take down anyone and everyone from miles away with just one well-aimed shot His victory wasn’t complete until he finally finished off the last castle and destroyed it stone by stone until nothing remained.

How to Download Catapult King MOD APK

Catapult King is a free and popular puzzle game that you can download from our site. It’s easy to play You tap on one of three columns to select which pegs you want to move. You then tap on the column where you want them to go, then tap on the peg that should be moved. The goal is to clear as many pegs as possible on each level.

  • In order to download the game, you’ll first need to enable Unknown Sources in your device’s settings.
  • Once that’s done, simply follow the link below, enter your desired APK mirror, and select Download.
  • After the file has been downloaded, open it and press Install to complete the process.

FAQs Catapult King MOD APK

Is there any way to get the game Free?

It is not possible to find a free version of the game.

Can I play this on my computer?

Yes, you can download it here and play it on your Windows or Mac computer with BlueStacks App Player.

How much does it cost?

The full version costs $1.99 while the premium one is priced at $2.99 and they are both available from our site.

Does it have in-app purchases?

Yes, but these do not affect gameplay too much. There are many items that can be purchased with gems (premium currency) such as more lives, power-ups, and coins.


Catapult King is a great game for anyone who enjoys Angry Birds-style gameplay. The controls are simple and the graphics are colorful and cute. The levels are challenging but not impossible, and there are plenty of them to keep you entertained for hours. Overall, I highly recommend the game to anyone looking for a fun and addicting game to play on their Android device.