Archery Master 3D MOD APK v3.6 Download (Unlimited Money)

Archery Master 3D MOD APK v3.6 Download (Unlimited Money)


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Name Archery Master 3D
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Package com.junerking.archery&hl=en_IN&gl=US
Publisher TerranDroid
Category Games
Size 23MB
Requires Android 4.4 +
Version 3.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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You can now download the most addicting and realistic bow & arrow game of Archery Master 3D MOD APK You will be living in medieval times as you practice your archery skills by shooting real bows and arrows to complete different challenges, earn money and buy the best equipment on the market, just like real archers did This amazing game features 30 levels, 6 different locations where you’ll compete against archers from all over the world in multiplayer mode, so it’s time to show off your true archery skills. Are you ready to become an Archery Master? Download this game for free now!

What is Archery Master 3D Game?

A simple app where you are an archer. You’ll use your phone or tablet’s camera to shoot targets and the points will depend on how close the arrow landed to the center of the target. The closer the better, but beware If you get too close to the ground, it won’t be good for your bowstring. Easy level gives you five arrows with a maximum score of 10 points medium level gives you four arrows with a maximum score of 12 points hard level gives you three arrows with a maximum score of 15 points.

Archery Master 3D MOD APK

It’s free and definitely worth trying if you want to spend some time on your tablet or phone with an entertaining app. And don’t forget that while you’re playing, you can always look around your room because the app tracks your movements so that it looks like you’re really shooting arrows in real life.

Similar Game Download

This game is an easy app to learn, but you can always choose to upgrade to a professional app where you’ll get more powerful bows and more realistic targets. It’s up to you Either way, with Archery Master 3D, you can practice your archery skills in a fun and entertaining way that will definitely improve your aim when you go out in real life.

Archery Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money

The name of the game is Archery Master and it was developed by Pajama Llama LLC. It is an arcade shooting game that takes you back to the old times when people could shoot arrows in fields and hunt animals in forests. It features a realistic archery mechanic with amazing graphics, realistic sounds, and environments that are alive. You are not just shooting into the air with nothing on the other side but there are big, strong animals that you have to be careful when shooting at.

Archery Master 3D MOD APK

As with any other shooting game, your main goal is to shoot all of your targets and stay alive until you beat all of your opponents. The entire environment that you are in creates a sense of realism that makes you feel like you are truly there. Archery is not just something that anyone can do, but if you practice enough and play enough games, then it becomes second nature to be able to hit whatever it is that you want to shoot.

Awesome Features Archery Master 3D MOD APK

This application is one of the best-performing arcade games to be found in the free market. The graphics are detailed and realistic while the gameplay itself is fluid, addictive, and challenging. You need to jump into this fun archery game where you’ll need to set an arrow and hit your target before they do or else you will lose a life point. There are 10 levels of difficulty so the challenge can be customized for your experience level.

100+ addictive levels

The game has over 100 levels that each present different challenges. You have three lives per round, and if you run out of them it’s game over With different modes including challenge which unlocks more difficult stages as you progress, there’s plenty to keep players coming back for more!

Archery Master 3D MOD APK

Multiplayer Mode

You can also duel other players online No WiFi? No problem – just turn on 2G/3G and connect to our multiplayer network. All matches are completely random, so be prepared for anything Your score goes up with every victory and every match is ranked by a number of stars – no easy wins here!

Challenge Mode

As soon as you hit someone with an arrow, another player steps up onto the field. You must defeat them all before time runs out to move on to the next stage. It sounds easy enough but you only get three arrows and they don’t regenerate like they do in normal mode. Don’t forget to practice your accuracy too because some of these guys are fast!

4 picturesque locations

Archery master includes a number of different arenas, each with its own unique style and level of difficulty. Choose from an arid grassland in Arizona to an autumnal forest in England or even rainforests high up in Mexico. With new locations added frequently, it’s always interesting!

Archery Master 3D MOD APK

Polished animation

the motions of the characters are realistically conveyed and make the game seem more lifelike.

A variety of weapons

In addition to traditional bows, there are guns, slingshots, bombs, and traps available to pick up during gameplay.

Archery Master 3D MOD APK

Smooth progression

More points are rewarded for precision shots than quick ones, leading gamers through a steady learning curve until they’re experts themselves.

Customizable difficulty settings

allow players at any skill level to enjoy Archery Master 3D’s gameplay at their own pace.

How to Download Archery Master 3D MOD APK

The one thing that Archery Master 3D has to offer is the challenges. If you can make it through the 30 challenges, then you have some pretty good archery skills. It also has an auto-save function so if you mess up your shot and hit the target, then it will just reload your last try. Archery Master 3D MOD APK might not be for everyone but for those who are skilled in archery, this game offers a challenge worth going after.

  • Go to our site on your phone, or search for the game on your laptop if you don’t have an app store on it.
  • Search for Archery Master and download the topmost one that pops up, if none pop up then try different words like archer or bowman and so forth until you find it.
  • After installing the app go to settings > security > allow unknown sources > turn it on (if there is no such option then scroll down a little and select install from external storage).
  • Once turned on open file manager, find where you downloaded the apk file in your downloads folder, select it and click install.
  • You will be asked to grant permissions, grant them all and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Done, Open up the app and enjoy Archery Master!

FAQs Archery Master 3D MOD APK

What are the features of Archery Master 3D?

There are two modes in Archery Master single-player and multiplayer. In single-player mode, there are three levels of difficulty (for each country): easy, medium, and hard.

What is your favorite part about this game?

I would have to say my favorite part of this game is that you can play it with friends, or against the computer!

How do you start a game in Archery Master 3D?

To start a game in Archery Master 3D, first, select either Single Player or Multiplayer. Next select either Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty level for your country.

Why did you choose to create this app?

The game has been created as an educational archery game where players will learn how to use their bow and arrow as they progress through the different levels of difficulty.


Overall, Archery Master 3D is a great game with beautiful graphics and gameplay. But, it’s a little expensive to buy. If you have an iPad and are looking for a fun game to play on it, then this is the one for you. If not, then you may want to give it a pass. It’s just too pricey of purchase for an iPhone user. You can always wait until it goes on sale or try to find the free version in order to see if you like it first. The best way to get started is by downloading either the demo or full version of the game from iTunes!

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